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Tender Bois Club, Co-Founder

Tender Bois Club is a music and creative production house founded by Wazi Maret and Eli Chi in 2018. We are trans multi-media artists of color with a commitment to making the world safer by teaching ourselves and other men/masculine people how to practice love, healing and self-expression. More specifically, we design streetwear (with a message) and curate original music and audio productions. We share the stories of queer and trans people of color and we collaborate on projects that align with our values for a better, more accountable society. At Tender Bois Club, we are modeling the kind of tender, creative, and connected masculinity we wish to see in the world.



Hyperballad Music House & Recording Studio, Production Intern

The Hyperballad team writes and records at our multi-room recording studio located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a state-of-the-art facility which balances vintage analog and modern recording approaches.  Based around a beautiful-sounding 80 Series Neve console, the space features a wide assortment of instruments, microphones, and processing devices which allow us to create and capture any sound imaginable.


Wazi Maret Demo Reel


Argo Collective, Development Specialist

Argo Collective was born out of the deep desire to make the world a safer, more equitable place for people of all underrepresented genders and identities. Going beyond the cultural value of inclusion, Argo programs focus on the products themselves. We empower teams to innovate their products so they’re not only more inclusive but more successful. Together we build a tactical plan to improve their products and innovate new ways to serve a more diverse (bigger) market, increasing their revenue, all while having a net positive impact on the world.


Beats In The Basement EP

Beats In The Basement (BITB) is my journey and debut project as a producer/vocalist. At that time in my life- when I started writing BITB- I was going through another depression period and making beats helped move me through that. I don’t know what I would do without music and its benefits for my mental/overall health. Beats In The Basement chronicles my journey of becoming a creative producer and sound engineer starting in the basement of my Oakland home and bringing me to Brooklyn, NY.