Photography by Underground NYC

Photography by Underground NYC

Music & Creative Services

  1. Sound Engineering, music production

  2. Songwriting/vocals

  3. Design - graphics, web, event, creative direction

Strategic Development

  1. Capacity building and organizational development

  2. Resource mobilizing and strategic planning

  3. Grant-writing, sponsorships, strategic partnerships

Inclusion Training

  1. Diversity, equity, inclusion training and strategy

  2. Anti-blackness, Racial equity, gender and trans justice education

  3. Corporate social responsibility, leadership coaching

Studies have shown that creative people tend to be more sensitive to the feelings of others and to fluctuations in the social fabric around them. At the same time, they are often less equipped to deal with those things. The result can be withdrawal from the world. Defense mechanisms, depression. Creative production is not only a way to avoid those pitfalls, but a way to connect those people to the rest of the world. Creativity creates connectedness.
— Questlove, Creative Quest

Current and Former Partners