Hey there, I’m Wazi.

I am a creative consultant and inclusion strategist who mobilizes ideas and resources through a conceptual, creative, and collaborative approach. I value building empathy, strong relationships, authentic culture and storytelling in my work. More specifically, I am a musician and producer (and sometimes an actor/model) with a passion for anything to do with sight, sound and storytelling. I am also a skilled trainer who uses creative design to educate people on some of the world’s most critical issues. In 2018, I co-founded a creative business, Tender Bois Club: music and creative production house, where I continue my work in multi-media storytelling and social impact. As a Black trans creative from Hyattsville, MD--also from a mixed race family with Southern and working class roots—I come to the work with many unique perspectives and utilize divergent thinking to process and build ideas into meaningful projects.

I hope to connect with you soon.


Photography by Texas Isaiah


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